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 Latest Research Reports

05 Jan 17

Case Study 3: Forecast Operations Costs with Limited Facility Data

Our national healthcare client faced a common problem found in the real estate industry - limited facilities data. Despite this challenge, they needed to develop an annual operating budget for over 2,500 health clinics.

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05 Jan 17

Case Study 2: Prioritize Capital Spending with Risk Scan

Our client faced a common challenge of limited capital, aging infrastructure, and a "run to fail" approach for their real estate portfolio. They wanted to identify the highest risk equipment to prioritize their current funding.

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05 Jan 17

Case Study 1: Identify Facility Savings with Benchmarking

Evaluating facility costs requires a credible reference point or benchmark. While traditional survey results can provide an intuitive point of reference, they only tell us what was spent rather than what should have been spent.

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28 Dec 16

Industry Leading Capital Planning From CBRE

Aging facilities and limited budget can make it difficult to decide which equipment to replace. Stop relying on subjective opinions that result in incomplete information and uncertainty about which projects are most critical.

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08 Nov 16

The Impact of Underfunding Preventative Maintenance on Total Cost of Ownership

In an environment of limited resources, saving money is a fundamental and constant focus. Our latest study may help you answer the question, “How will underfunding your preventative maintenance program impact your total cost of ownership?”

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24 Mar 16

10th Annual CBRE | Whitestone Cost Planning Workshop for DOE Facilities

View presentations from the conference including: A Revised View Of The Impacts Of Deferred Maintenance, An Alternative View Of Component Failure, and Improving The Mission Dependency Index For Capital Prioritization.

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01 Feb 16

Top 10 Most Expensive Cities for 2016

A recent analysis conducted by CBRE | Whitestone determined that Zurich, Switzerland is the most expensive city at $15.34 per square foot. Estimates are based on 11 OpEx cost categories.

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02 Dec 15

2015 Public Sector Workshop

View presentations from our Government Facilities Workshop - Finding Funding for Federal Facilities. Industry-leading speakers representing the federal government, private sector, and academia discussed a range of topics listed here.

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16 Nov 15

Risk Scan

Risk Scan identifies needed repairs or replacements based on the likelihood of failure for each building component (roof, HVAC equipment, plumbing fixtures, etc.), together with its consequences. Those components with both a high probability of failure and a high potential impact to building operability, security, safety and other values, are classified as High Risk.

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13 Nov 15

Benchmarking and Beyond

Evaluating the facility costs of a real estate portfolio is one of the more difficult challenges faced by corporate real estate (CRE) executives today. The purpose of this paper is to present benchmarking in the context of other approaches for estimating and validating facility costs.

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