2015 Public Sector Workshop

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Approximate Facility Condition Knowing Just Three Things- An FAA Case Study.pdf
Can FCI and DM can be estimated with three variables (Age, Size, Traffic)? Yes, particularly facilities that are < 30 years old and can be used for summarizing condition for large portfolios, but not as precise for individual facilities​.

National Institute of Building Sciences discuss Industry Advocacy & Outreach, Facility Performance & Sustainability, Information Resources & Technology, Security & Disaster Preparedness, IRVS and more.

Topics include: advocating for a budget sufficient to maintain productivity and asset value, identifying specific targets for savings, comparatively ranking (benchmarking), quantifying risk associated with alternative funding levels, and anticipating long range capital requirements.

Excess and underutilized real property: Develop national strategy for managing excess and underutilized real property. Overreliance on leasing: Improve local coordination and target high-value leases for ownership. Real property data: Improve collection practices and only aggregate the necessary data elements.

Under 1990 budget rules, federal agencies must fully fund in advance capital leases and “lease purchases” (equivalent to mortgages). Intent of rules: Reduce cost, by encouraging outright purchase over lease purchase. Increase transparency, by making explicit the true cost of a capital acquisition. These Budget Rules and serious unintended effects. 

406 National Parks cover more than 84 million acres, including historic sites, battlefields, recreation areas, monuments, seashores, trails, and highways. Overall, resources have not been sufficient to meet needs, and assets have not been maintained well. As a result, the NPS today faces a significant backlog of maintenance needs.

Topics include how to avoid hidden risks in your building inventory, prioritize M&R funding in a sophisticated, transparent manner, and identify risk to productivity, safety, and security.

​Risk is multifaceted; the goal is to produce a model that is commensurate with the nature of risk in facility management. The goal is to produce a model that accounts for risk, but also functions as a tool to build overall resilience of the system​.