About Us

What should it cost to run my facilities?

CBRE | Whitestone provides the answer for thousands of the largest real estate investors and occupiers around the world.

Recently acquired by CBRE, Whitestone provides consulting services and online tools for facility benchmarking, budgeting, and life-cycle cost analysis.

With over 20 years experience, CBRE | Whitestone has a team of economists, cost analysts, and software developers located in Santa Barbara, CA.​

Four Core Areas of Expertise​​

Cost Analysis

 Benchmarking &
Cost Standards

CBRE | Whitestone forecasts costs through
all phases of the facility service life.

We compare your historic costs to the industry standard
for what you should be spending.

Condition Assessment
Analysis & Support

Special Projects &

We minimize costly inspections with predictive cost models
for deferred maintenance and asset condition.

We develop custom applications and studies
for your unique requirements.