Pete  Scarpelli

VP, Global Director - Energy & Sustainability


Pete Scarpelli joined CBRE in 2010 as the Global Director, Energy & Sustainability.  Based in Chicago, Mr. Scarpelli leads the firm's Global Energy & Sustainability (GES) services platform. GES is focused on managing $10B worth of energy spend for Fortune 500 and investor owned multi-tenant buildings by implementing portfolio-wide efficiency and sustainable operating practices. 

Mr. Scarpelli leads a team of 200+ dedicated professionals and subject matter experts who provide a wide variety of supply & demand side efficiency and sustainability consulting (e.g. LEED, CDP, GRESB) services.  In April 2015, Mr. Scarpelli led CBRE’s acquisition of Environmental Systems Inc. (CBRE|ESI), a world class building system integrator and “smart building” network operating center.

Mr. Scarpelli received CBRE’s Global Corporate Service Leadership Award in 2012. 

Professional EXPERIENCE

Mr. Scarpelli brings considerable energy management experience to his new role, including a proven record of creating new ways for consumers to manage energy expenditures. Previously, he was a Business Development Manager at Schneider Electric, where as a member of the Demand Response Resource Center, he helped develop smart grid and demand response opportunities in the US and global markets. Mr. Scarpelli joined Schneider Electric in July 2008 why they acquired RETX, a firm he co-founded in April 2000.  In December 2009, Schneider Electric awarded Mr. Scarpelli, and the team he led, a “One Trophy” for the development of an innovative citywide smart grid strategy. 

At RETX, Scarpelli invented their ePath Load Management Dispatcher product, a product designed to match wholesale power market prices to energy consumers.  ePath was used by multiple Independent System Operators to launch and manage their Demand Response markets.  Additionally, Mr. Scarpelli led a 13 nation project for the International Energy Agency’s Demand Side Management Programme which focused on developing demand response market designs. 

In 1998, while at CILCO, Mr. Scarpelli led a team that successfully qualified the 2nd customer in the USA to purchase deregulated electric supply.​