CBRE Cares New England

Mission Statement

"Our mission is to build a foundation for our community by facilitating a variety of volunteer and giving opportunities that have a significant effect on the lives of families in need - building today for a stronger tomorrow."


Program Overview

As New England's largest commercial real estate services company, CBRE/New England (CBRE/NE)—led by its dedicated professionals—has a significant impact on the industry and the communities in which its employees live and work. Each professional represents CBRE/NE in their neighborhoods, and the company fully appreciates the importance of that responsibility. The motto, "Building on Compassion," is a regional and national call to action that will challenge our employees to expand their leadership positions in their communities by supporting charities and rebuilding lives.

CBRE/NE manages approximately 36 million square feet of properties across New England and this program is designed to harness the aggregate potential of CBRE/NE tenants and employees. Throughout the year, the program will engage tenants in CBRE/NE managed buildings and CBRE/NE employees in charitable activities including volunteer opportunities, educational forums and donation drives.


CBRE Cares New England