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Tools to Drive Your Business

At CBRE, we embrace technology.  We've seen its impact on our industry, and we welcome its ability to improve our business – and enhance the service we provide our clients.

This page features many of the technological tools and resources we employ to help us deliver consistent, superior service in every office around the world. 


Since the emergence of the internet, companies have found revolutionary new ways to service their customers on-line. From corporate Web sites, to on-line banking, these technologies have continued to benefit both the employee and customer.

AXIS takes this proven concept to the real estate industry. Our portals allow tenants and all other members of the building community to access vital information about their building and the surrounding area. Whether it's submitting an on-line tenant request or requesting the latest stacking report, this building amenity puts information at the fingertips to those who need it most.
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The purpose of this application is to provide an easy way to transfer large files without using the e-mail system.

Security is implemented by requiring "Your Name", "Your Email" and "Send to Email" to retrieve the file. One of the email addresses must be a CBRE email address. This information will be provided to the individual uploading the file. Individuals wishing to download the file must provide this same information.

Files stored on this system will automatically be deleted after 10 days.

CAUTION: Do NOT store the only copy of your files on this system. ​


The client extranet is a password protected document management system which secures information to the folder level. Having the ability to assign user roles, the site administrator can give different viewers access to different information on one site. This application is flexible and customizable, serving the need to secure information with a single login.

  • Web based and available 24/7 from any internet connection 
  • Password protected and secure at the folder level
  • Provide a simple and flexible environment that lets teams control user access to posted documents

Login to the Client Extranet

Credentrust Lease Application is a paperless, Web-based lease application and qualification tool.

To use this system, prospective tenants complete an online lease application (corporate, partnership or sole proprietor) and submit the application along with supporting financial documentation though a secure website.  Property Managers, Leasing Professionals and Owners then have online access to the tenant's information for review. 

Financial credit checking is processed through the site and a checklist keeps track of the application's status.​

Promise what you will, but deliver what you promise

The ability to successfully execute projects becomes a competitive advantage in today's fast-paced, technology-enabled marketplace.  Teams need practical, streamlined processes and techniques they can follow to ensure project success. 

YCA is an Atlanta based training and consulting firm that assists client teams in achieving project success, while building project competencies that can be used repeatedly across their careers. CBRE has employed YCA services and applied their unique method on many internal projects with significant results:

  • Reduction in project duration
  • Improved quality of project deliverables
  • Increased resource efficiency
  • Reduced cost   
  • Increased customer satisfaction 

The YCA Project Success Method allows project teams to consistently meet their customers' expectations.  ​